Welcome to Leah’s Wish


Welcome to Leah's Wish. We hope you enjoy looking through her new website, watching the videos and looking through her pictures. We've also put up her story to explain just briefly how much Leah encountered in her short life. There are links to all our different supporters, past and upcoming charity events and the different charities we are supporting. Leah's wish was to help raise lots of money for her chosen charities which have all played a big part throughout her life and to raise as much awareness of Cystic Fibrosis and how much it affects those suffering with the life shortening genetic disease. We also want to get across just how important it is to join the Organ Donation list. 96% of us would take an organ if we needed it, yet only 27% have taken action by signing the register. "Live life then give life".

We hope you enjoy looking through Leah's website and we would like to thank you for supporting us!! Let's make Leah's Wish come true!!

The Pink Princess Lives on...

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